It’s Up to You, Baby Blue

Here is my latest guest post on Harmonioustew, which details my ten minutes of daily despair. Enjoy – I didn’t.


And now I’m delighted to share with you the startling conclusion to the Baby Blue trilogy penned by my esteemed colleague and founder of the blog Sweettenorbull.  Please brace yourselves for a wrenching read (but spare the poor author and don’t throw another wrench in the gears), which should help you appreciate the indomitability of the human spirit, if not the automotive one.

Still Blue

I’d like to share with you my daily ritual. It’s not a religious ritual, though it’s vaguely spiritual if you class despair a spiritual phenomenon. It certainly isn’t one of those ‘Start Your Day like a Winner’ tips that you get in those ‘Ten Secrets of Successful People’ type publications.

Bad luck if you Googled these phrases and ended up here by mistake – I tagged them just to spite you.

Anyway, here’s the ritual. I get in my car, turn the ignition and then…

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