In Defence of Fatherhood

Occasionally I will venture my thoughts on something other than poetry. This post was a response to a post by my friend (and erstwhile guest blogger on these pages) Stew who in a post earlier this month laid out his reasons for not wanting to father children, ever. I presented him (and his readers) with a few counter arguments to mull over…


Hi, folks.  Sorry I haven’t been pressing words lately.  I’ve been very bizzy.  And hot!

Without further ado, here’s a guest post from my friend and fellow blogger over at sweettenorbull, who has an axe to grind about something i wrote a little while ago (“Why I Don’t Want to Have Children”).  Apparently, he does.  (I’ll give you time to heave a prodigious sigh of disbelief.)  But seriously, I think he’ll make a great father, especially with such airtight reasons to reproduce.  

In Defence of Fatherhood


Stew, I read with interest and enjoyment your argument against having children at the beginning of the month, but felt that the counterarguments deserved an airing too. There are many good reasons to bring children into the world – and I’m not talking about benefits to society, or to the environment or even to your spouse, but benefits to you, yourself and…

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