Distant Sails

The August issue of the Wagon Magazine is now available online, featuring a great selection of new fiction, non-fiction and poetry from the sub-continent and beyond.

My own column is on the saddest of subjects – poems about the death of a child. The title comes from Hugo’s poem of the same name, therein printed in full, and I also look at poems by Ben Jonson, William Wordsworth and William Stafford. For some reason I neglected to include John Milton’s poem to his daughter, so perhaps I will do a Sweettenorbull article on that one day.

Please read it here… and then cheer yourself up with the second of John Looker’s antipodean adventures here

Meanwhile, over at Andy Fleck’s Blog, I am beginning a look at some of the highly enjoyable short biographies in the Penguin Monarchs series, starting with William the Bastard – or Conqueror, if you insist.



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2 responses to “Distant Sails

  1. This is another fascinating article from you Andy – I enjoy reading this series.

  2. Thanks, John. I am also enjoying your reports from London and New Zealand. Strangely, I had heard of the old Dunedin before I knew of the modern New Zealand, perhaps through reading about Northumbrian battles there… anyway, it was interesting to hear a bit about it and its cultural life.

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